Saturday, June 15, 2013

Log out from Google search, but stay logged in on YouTube at the same time

Do you want to stay logged out on Google search for privacy reasons, while staying logged in on other Google services such as YouTube, Blogger or Gmail? It seems to be impossible because when you log on to any Google account, Google will automatically log you on for all its services at the same time, and when you log out, you're logged out everywhere. You can overcome this with a little trick:
  1. First, log in on all Google services you want to use
  2. Then, delete all cookies from Google search. The Google search cookies are typically named,, and so on, depending on your location. Do not delete all cookies containing the word "google", this will log you out from other google services as well.
  3. Finally, block all cookies from and If you're using a country-specific google search page, such as or, block these too. Do not use wildcards, e.g. *, as stated above, this might block other google services you may want to use login for.
If you're using Chrome, you can enter chrome://settings/cookies in your URL bar to directly jump to the cookie settings. If you did it right, you will be logged out on Google search, while staying logged in on all other Google services.

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